Today, Eddie shows us the different types of hardwoods available at Floors Galore.

First, he shows a favorite called Tumblewood Teak. The actual wood species is called Black Locust. This wood has some of the characteristics of teak without the expense. It has a rich grain and can be stained in a variety of colors, including a modern looking grey. Some also have chatter markings in the wood to give it more of a country look.

Eddie’s favorite hardwood is Acacia which is an African walnut.  This wood comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It is usually in an engineered hardwood with a veneer on top. Eddie shows a 5 inch sample with a natural finish, as well as a 3/4 inch sample.

Floors Galore also has maple flooring in a variety of colors. Eddie shows six different colors that are available in maple flooring to fit your decor.

Traditionally, many people are familiar with oak flooring. Eddie shows us a variety of finishes and colors available ranging from a natural, light blonde to a deep, dark brown finish.

Eddie also shows a beautiful five inch wide, hand scraped oak board that is reasonably priced. These are a beautiful option for your home.

Hickory flooring is another popular floor choice. Hickory has a stronger grain that some other hardwoods.  Eddie shows us a variety of colors for this wood as well, including a natural hickory finish with light streaks through the wood. Hickory comes in a variety of stain colors and in multi-width plank.

If you are looking for the perfect hardwood floor for your home or office, stop by Floors Galore and see all of our options.