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Thank you for joining me today at Floors Galore as I want to discuss the basic differences between carpet fibers. There are some differences that are important to know depending on where you are putting carpet in your home.

Traditionally there has been more nylon carpet sold because of it’s durability. But, it’s also one of the more expensive products. Eddie can show you samples of nylon carpeting in the showroom. You can’t tell by looking what type of fiber you have. Nylon carpeting can be done in loops, in cut pile or a combination of both for a pleasing texture to your carpeting. Nylon is available in a variety of colors. Nylon is great for steps and hallways, high traffic areas because it has more resilience, more natural bounce back. But it does cost more.

At Floors Galore, most of the carpet we sell is polyester.  By just looking at the carpets, you can’t tell the difference between polyester and nylon. Polyester tends to be a slight bit softer than most nylon carpets. Polyester carpeting comes in a variety of styles and colors similar to the nylon.  Polyester does not hold up quite as well on steps, in hallways, and other high traffic areas. So, keep this in mind when selecting carpeting for your home.

In addition to these carpets, Mohawk Carpets offers Triexta, which is a deluxe polyester carpet. While almost all carpeting comes with a protective stain treatment, the Triexta carpeting is extremely easy to clean. Triexta comes is a variety of modern colors and textures.

No matter what type of carpeting you choose, vacuuming is an important step in keeping your carpeting looking great. You can’t vacuum too often, although you do want to make sure your vacuum is safe for your carpeting.

If you are looking for the perfect carpeting for your home, stop by Floors Galore. We will be happy to help you find a carpeting you will love for years to come.